Local Ministry Roles (LMC & LLM)

A local ministerial candidate (LMC) is a member of the Free Methodist Church who is seriously considering a call to the ordained ministry as an elder. A local licensed minister (LLM) is a member of the Free Methodist Church who feels called to ministry specifically within their local church, and although not ordained, are licensed to preach and perform various duties of a pastor.

Prior to being approved as an LMC or LLM, the person shall have been a member of the church long enough to have given evidence of possessing the developing qualities and gifts normally expected of a Christian minister: a heart for God and the mission of the church, leadership potential, good conduct and the ability to work with people.

Current Local Ministerial Candidates (LMC) at Cucamonga Christian Fellowship: Andrea Vaudrey, Adrianna Ford

Current Local Licensed Ministers (LLM) at Cucamonga Christian Fellowship: Pastor Jan Ashmore, Reverend Lavon Gentry, Judi Noble