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Life Groups

In the early church, believers would meet together, pray for one another, eat food together, follow in the Apostles’ teaching, and then all together meet once a week in the same place. As a result, they experienced exuberant joy, seeing all their needs be met with abundance, healings commonplace and divine favor so great that their family members, neighbors and even strangers were coming to Christ daily (Acts 2:42-47).

Life Groups create intentional and convenient places where people can Connect with God. Places where people can Connect with Others, not just in a surface way, but where there is love, honor & acceptance. They are places where true trust, transparency and care are fostered. When these two things happen, Life Groups become incubators where people Connect to Growth and their faith will Connect to Action.


A CCF Life Group is a place where three or more people gather on a regularly basis to grow
in their love for God and others. They share common interests or passions that make growing
and serving both challenging and fun. It really is that simple. So take this opportunity to form
a group through relationships you have already built, or join a group! Many of our Winter Groups will be following along with the Rest series devotional.

Click HERE for our current Life Group listing!