All Church Meeting

February 5 4:30 - 6:00 pm  |  Cucamonga Christian Fellowship

Cucamonga Christian Fellowship (Iglesia Cristiana), 5th Street, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA

CCF is committed to being a place to connect. As we celebrate what God has miraculously done over the past few months, and look to the future, we are asking that all who call CCF “home” set aside time the afternoon of Sunday, February 5th to connect at our All Church Meeting.

Our new Co-Lead Pastors, Cameron and Janelle, along with other members of the team will share how God has been at work through the ministry of CCF, at work through your generosity and faithfulness, along with updates on the new leadership approach and plans for the year ahead.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our current staff and board members between now and then ( and come ready to support our CCF Youth going to camp too with their dessert fundraiser!

This meeting will include a vote by our Ministry Partners regarding the individuals nominated to serve as CCF delegates to the Free Methodist Church of Southern California.

Book of Discipline Annual Conference Delegates ¶5020

In the Free Methodist connectional system, annual conference delegates have a two-fold responsibility: (1) to represent their society (local church) to the conference body and (2) to act for the good of the conference (the network of all Free Methodist Churches in the region).

Delegates shall be considered as liaison between the local church and the conference during the interim between conference sessions. They are expected to report significant actions of the conference to the society which elected them (see ¶6250.E). During the year that they are seated, delegates serve as the primary lay (Local) contact from the conference to the local church.

The following individuals have been nominated to serve as your new Conference Delegates & Reserve Delegates, particularly due to their familiarity with the workings of the FMCSC, which will be helpful during this new season:

Nikki Butler – Nikki has been a Ministry Partner at CCF since 2016, and serves as part of our Worship Team and Youth Team. In addition to exploring her own call to ministry, Nikki serves powerfully in the marketplace, training and connecting people to housing solutions.

Rob Campbell – Rob has been a Ministry Partner at CCF since 2010, and has served in a variety of ways over the years (CCF Kids, CCF Youth, Servant Council, Finance Team & Conference Delegate). Rob is a Math Professor by trade, and is shaping young minds in amazing ways.

Dave Collins – Dave has been a Ministry Partner at CCF since 2011, and in addition to being a powerful part of prayer ministry, served as one of our staff pastors for a number of years. In every sphere of his leadership, whether church, para-church ministry, or marketplace, people find empowerment and encouragement to walk in freedom and wholeness through Dave.

Kathy France – Kathy has been a Ministry Partner at CCF since 1995, and served for several decades as a vital part of our administrative staff. Her incredible knowledge of how things work, paired with her compassionate love for people, is an amazing asset to our church.

Faye Johnson – Faye has been a Ministry Partner at CCF since 2017 and currently serves as Vice Chair of our board. She is also a powerful part of our teaching team and prayer ministry. With decades of experience in HR and team-leading, Faye is a dynamic trail-blazer and brings a voice of wisdom and expertise to our church family and denomination.

Gerhard Kramer – Gerhard has been a Ministry Partner at CCF since 2003 and served on a variety of CCF teams and boards over the years. His innovative and creative approach to bridging the ministry world with the marketplace world has resulted in a number of successful and influential opportunities. His insight is incredibly valuable in this post-pandemic world as churches around the globe re-evaluate what effective ministry looks like.

Jessica Martinez – Jessica has been a Ministry Partner at CCF since 2021 but has attended CCF since her youth. Currently serving as part of CCF Youth, and recently concluding her staff role as Office Manager, Jessica brings unique insight into the day-to-day functions of the church and her compassion and care for people to live full, abundant lives is carried across to her new role in the healthcare industry.

Mallory Roth – Mallory has been a Ministry Partner at CCF since 2006, serving in a number of areas of the years, but most recently as part of our board and in CCF Youth. Her wisdom, insight and divine creativity brings fresh, passionate perspective to our church and to every relationship and area that she has influence in.

Robin Van Etten – Robin has been a Ministry Partner at CCF since 2014, but has been part of the Free Methodist family for several decades. Once part of our church staff, Robin now serves with Empowering Lives International (ELI) and on the MEG board for the denomination, and brings incredible insight, wisdom and experience to our church family.

** Please Note: This meeting will not be live-streamed, but a link will be sent to our congregation after the event for those who are physically unable to attend.**