As the CCF family begins to gather for weekend services in-person again, we know that you are likely to have some questions. The situation surrounding COVID-19 is ever-changing, and while we have done our best to provide a comprehensive plan, and answers to likely questions below, please remain flexible with us as changes may be needed.



Why will I need to “reserve a seat” to attend indoor events if outdoor events don’t require that?
Gathering outdoors provides a greater flexibility and lower risk of accidental transmission during this season of health concerns. While appropriate physical distancing, and meeting the requirements of the San Bernardino Department of Public Health will happen whether indoors or outdoors, advance reservations and documentation for those interacting indoors is important. This creates an added layer of safety for our congregation, which is important in this season, but will not be required forever.


Is it okay for our family to reserve seats and sit with friends that we have been socializing with, outside of the weekend gathering?
During this initial season of re-gathering, we will only be seating households together when providing assigned seating. We do ask that everyone who chooses to attend a weekend service comes aware of the need to practice physical distancing and refrains from sitting with friends right now. We are committed to providing a safe, spacious, and sanitized space for individuals and families to come and worship together.


How will we ensure safe social distancing in our parking lot?
When you pull into CCF, you will be greeted by volunteers of our new phenomenal parking team. We ask that you follow their directions throughout the parking lot, and park leaving a single parking space between your car and the car beside you.


Will there be sanitizing stations at CCF?
Yes! Sanitizer stations will be located throughout our parking lot and building to ensure people have access to what they need in order to stay safe.


Will there be a specific entrance for people to use?
Yes. For your safety and security, we will be adjusting our parking lot entrances so that Pittsburgh Avenue is an exit only. When you are arriving at CCF, we ask that you use the 5th street driveway to enter our parking lot and, if entering our building, use the Lobby entrance at the south of the building.


The CDC considers me a “Vulnerable Person” but I want to attend an on-site service, so how do I do that?
We are committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for every person who walks through the doors, but especially those who may be considered more at-risk, or who would be more negatively impacted by sickness. For this reason, we are asking that you patiently engage in our online connection opportunities until we can have a personal conversation with you regarding the ways that we can safely serve you well in this season.


What kind of health questions will you be asking me, and why do you need to take my temperature?
It will be important for us to ensure that you are not currently sick, or have recently been exposed to someone with symptoms of a contagious illness. Any health questions will simply be in relation to that. Particularly with COVID-19, it is possible to be a carrier of the virus while not experiencing any symptoms. An elevated temperature (higher than 100*) may be one of the only indications that your presence in the building, or at an outdoor event, might be cause for concern. If your response to any of the health questions, or temperature check, indicates that you may be unwell, we will ask you to continue to connect to weekend services via our live stream options for the time being.


Will there be singing?
Yes, we are going to sing! We’ll keep our masks on, so it will be a little different but still good.


How will attendees be dismissed so that we are staying in compliance with social distancing?
At the conclusion of each service, we will dismiss people in small groups after the service is over to ensure that social distancing is able to occur.


Will there be Café Community time before services?
Unfortunately, we will not be resuming our café community time or providing snacks or drinks at this time. Feel free to drive through somewhere on your way to church and bring your own snacks though. During this season, our cafe space will be used for overflow seating when indoor events and services resume.

Why do I need to wear a mask? And will I need to even when other places stop requiring them?
For the time being, based on CDC guidelines and out of an abundance of caution, we are considering masks required, not optional.

Wearing a face mask is quite simply a practical way that we can love each other well because the reality is that we wear them not for ourselves, but for others. Just like reserving seats, masks won’t be required forever, but if you don’t feel comfortable wearing a mask, we completely understand. If that is the case, for the safety and comfort of those attending, we ask that you continue to join our service via live stream until we enter our next phase of re-gathering.


I know you said not to attend if you are sick, but all I have is a cold. Can I still attend a weekend service?
During this season we are asking all people who are not feeling 100% to stay home for the safety of our whole congregation. While a cold might not be a big deal to some people, for others it could be a bigger health concern. This is another way we can love and care for each other. If you or your family are feeling unwell, please stay home, rest, and watch our service via live stream. Be sure to let us know too through so we can be praying for you!


What will the in-person experience be like at CCF now?
Our core values of being a place to connect – to God, Others, Growth & Action will never change. We are still committed to that vision!

In some ways, our CCF service will still be very similar to what you’ve come to know and love.  There will be worship and preaching each week, with communion at the start of every month. You’ll probably even recognize some of our greeters (although they’ll be wearing a face mask).

In other ways, the experience will feel very different, with social distancing requirements in place and adjustments to the service to limit close interactions. We won’t be serving food or drinks, and there won’t be hugs or handshakes just yet. You’ll need to wear your mask while you are in the building and bring your own Bible. During this initial re-gathering phase, you’ll also need to keep your children or students with you during the service.

To help keep you both safe and connected, we will continue to evaluate every aspect of our weekend experience and make adjustments that may be necessary for the season we’re in.


Will CCF continue to provide church online via live stream?

Absolutely! All of our weekend services will continue to stream to both Facebook Live and YouTube Live. Our social media ambassadors will continue to provide Pastoral care online as well.


Will things be cleaned and sanitized between each gathering?
Yes, our cleaning team is ready to sanitize items that are used both inside and outside the building, including bathrooms, door handles, countertops, chairs and so much more. This will occur before and after every service.


Will there be CCF Kids, or childcare during the service?
We love your families and can’t wait to resume the weekend ministry aspects of CCF Kids and CCF Youth, however, we will not be offering these in person right now,  until guidelines for physical distancing are lessened.

When seat reservations begin for indoor services, please make sure to include your child(ren) in your reservation! We will have specific seating for families in the back of the Sanctuary in case you need to step out for a moment or two with your child. The Mother’s Room will also be available for families (one at a time) to use for small periods of time during indoor services.

Activity pages, coloring pages, and crayons will be available to keep your children busy during service. Make sure to stop at our CCF Kids table to pick up an activity packet.


Will Alliance or Crew (Youth Ministry) meet during weekend services?
We love our students at CCF and cannot wait to gather together again, but for the time being, we will not be offering student ministry services on Sunday mornings or Saturday nights. Make sure to check out our Alliance and Crew Instagram pages or email [email protected] for more information about fall activities with our youth!


What happens if someone was confirmed to have COVID-19 after they attended a service?
If a recent guest is later identified as being COVID-19 positive, CCF staff will contact people who may have come in contact with the guest based on the dates they attended a CCF service. Those people will receive instructions from the San Bernardino Department of Health for further testing and quarantines as needed.


If you didn't find what you are looking for, please send us an email to [email protected] or call the office at 909.945.5333. We know this is a lot of change to navigate, and are happy to help you however we can!