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Application – Stop

How to Practice Silence: 

  • STOP. Remove distractions. Put your phone away, close the laptop, shut down the tablet, turn off the television, and pause the music. In order to actually stop and be silent, there needs to be an atmosphere for silence. (This may be hard with children, and we encourage you to try this while they are at school, asleep, etc. And if you fall asleep during this time, we celebrate the rest that is taking place. God is not angry with you, He is simply delighted in the fact that you want to be with Him.)
  • Set a time to be silent for. Again, this can be 15 minutes, 1 hour, or a whole day. Do what you feel led to do.
  • Give yourself resources to be silent. Just like a runner will prepare for a marathon, we should prepare to be silent. Make sure you have eaten, make sure you have a space that is ready—close the door, turn on or off lights, etc. Prepare your heart and mind to connect with the Lord.
  • Finally, be silent. There will be thoughts. There will be to-do lists. There will be many things that come up, but just keep being silent. Write those things down—there’s a reason they are coming to mind. If it helps, enter into silence with thankfulness (“Thank You, Jesus”) or a small prayer (“Abba, I belong to You”) or a simple word to re-center your heart and mind (“Jesus”). Just be still. It may be hard at first, but just be present. The Lord is present and you will soon become more and more aware of His heart, His voice, and His Presence as you are still and silent before Him.
  • Following your time of silence, write down what needs to be written down or voice record it for later listening. Ask the Holy Spirit to seal up the things of God in your heart. Take your time going back into the things of the day—again, this about us eliminating hurry in our lives.
  • Stop. Be Silent. Live from this place. Repeat. Amen.


Questions for Prayer and Reflection:

  • In practicing silence, was it hard for you to concentrate?
    Did you feel distracted?
    Did you feel focused?
    What things came to mind?
    What feelings surfaced?
    What did you feel the Lord was communicating?
    What did you feel the Lord was not communicating?
  • In what ways do you think silence before God is a good or bad thing?  Something to incorporate throughout the day, week, year, etc.?
  • When in silence, what is the biggest theme that comes to mind and heart?
  • If you were to tell somebody about stopping in silence before God, how would you communicate about it?