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Sealed Campaign

Sealed – To Cover, To Secure,
To Establish and To Eternally Bind.

Almost six years ago we came together for the purpose of Investing in Destiny –  a financial campaign that enabled us to purchase our current facility.

During that campaign, we learned so much about the faithfulness of God, the generosity of His people and the benefits of ownership.  We believed that we would be “Investing in the Destiny” of not only those who attend CCF but also our community and those who are yet to attend.

It is not unusual for our guests to comment on how warm and inviting our church home is and I am so thankful for the many who have designed, partnered and given to make this a reality.

Now that we are in the privileged season of occupying our church home we recognize the importance of the ongoing stewardship of all that God has given to us, and are now at another juncture to continue making our church home beautiful and inviting for CCF’s future. Since moving in, we have determined there is a need to replace both our roof and the surfaces of our parking lot.  Although we have done spot repairs over the last few years, we are now at the critical point of needing to see these areas fully restored.  We are believing that through your financial partnership we can accomplish this important stewardship responsibility.

In order for us to make the needed repairs to the roof and parking lot we will need to raise $175,000.00.  This can seem like a daunting number but remember it is a long-term investment that we make together.

So I ask that you would pray about the amount which you would like to give and/or pledge to the SEALED Campaign. I am encouraged and so grateful to add that after this need was discussed at the Town Meeting in March, some families have already begun to give above and beyond towards this specific need. There are multiple options and levels of giving which allow all of us to participate – this really can be accomplished if we all commit in doing this together.

Let’s believe that God can ‘Seal’ this moment together as He continues to cover us in His grace, secure His church for the next generation, establish more deeply in our community and build His Kingdom that is eternal.

Thanks for your partnership.  

Pastor Fraser Venter

Click HERE to give or pledge to the SEALED Campaign

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