Free Methodist Ordained Elder

Upon completing the Ministerial Candidate process and undergoing extensive discernment with mentors and the Ministerial Education & Guidance Board, the Free Methodist Church consecrates this process through ordination – the recognition of God’s calling in their lives for His work in the church.

Ordination has three stages:

  • An individual, sensing the call of God and the church to pastoral ministry, is first licensed as a local ministerial candidate (LMC). The call is affirmed by service in the local church where initial training begins.
  • Step two involves acceptance by the annual conference as a conference ministerial candidate (CMC).  The candidate also prepares for the third step through course work and service.


Current Ordained Elders at Cucamonga Christian Fellowship: Pastor Melanie Neilson, Pastor Janelle Coleman, Pastor Emeritus Don Bowers, Reverend Cheri Coleman, Reverend Shelby Loster, Reverend Bruce Whyte