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Helpful Links

We encourage you and your family to begin today in preparing for disaster. Here are some resources to guide your preparation:


Operation Ready is sponsored through a generous grant from Edison.

Safeguarding one’s finances in case of a catastrophic event is an often-overlooked aspect of disaster preparedness. In response, the American Red Cross and the American Institute of CPA’s (AICPA) developed Disasters and Financial Planning (CLICK HERE), a comprehensive guide aimed at helping people be more proactive with their financial preparedness in advance of disasters. This guide highlights the importance of:
  • Setting aside a three-day supply of cash to cover expenses one might encounter during a disaster or emergency;
  • Planning ahead by attaining the proper insurance coverage so that disaster recovery doesn’t have to come out of pocket;
  • Having a solid financial plan to avoid living paycheck to paycheck; and
  • Having money set aside to address immediate disaster-related needs.
You can also complete the Emergency Financial First Aid Kit (EFFAK) from the FEMA and Operation HOPE (CLICK HERE). Use the EFFAK to identify your important documents, medical records, and household contacts.

Taking an all-hazards approach to emergency preparedness; CERT training is designed to prepare you, your family and your neighborhood for any emergency. CERT Basic classes are five weeks long, two nights a week for two hours and are offered quarterly.  Classes are listed in the City of Rancho Cucamonga Grapevine publication.  Visit to create an acoount and register using our convenient online system.  You may also call (909) 477-2765 for technical assistance. CERT training should be taken in the city where you live. If you live in another city, please check with them on CERT class schedule.