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Application – Fast Forward

How to Practice Circle Prayer: 

  • Set aside time for prayer. Bring your Bible, your journal or paper, a writing utensil, and an expectant heart.
  • The first step in Circle Prayer is to make yourself aware of God’s presence. Invite His leadership. Welcome the Holy Spirit. Ask for wisdom and revelation.
  • As you are aware of God, begin to think of places in your life in which you need drastic and incredible things to take place. This can be your housing, your relationships, jobs, etc. As mentioned, my wife and I prayed for free rent—it can be something like this. Once these items come to mind, begin to write them down. Give space between items for more prayer & writing though.
  • For each item, begin to dream bigger with God. Ask the Lord how you can dream bigger about these things. Ask Him how you might partner with the immeasurable goodness of His heart. Ask God about His intention toward you and the others involved with these topics.
  • For each item, circle the word, sentence, or phrase, and declare that you are trusting God as Provider, and that you are standing firm on the foundation of His loving and faithful promises.
  • Once you have a list of dreams on your paper, be bold and continue to declare God’s goodness. Pray big. Dream bigger. Post this paper somewhere you will see it often. Remind yourself of God’s goodness. Continue to stay steadfast in hope.
  • Come back to these items as often as you can, seeing when, where, how, why, and what God did in bringing these things about. God is faithful, and He is with you in the waiting, and He is before you in what is next. The good news is that He is present.

Questions for Prayer and Reflection: 

  • What are some areas in your life that you try to fast forward past?
  • How can you remain present in these places?
  • How can Sabbath help you with being present, yet still looking forward?
  • How can Sabbath help you in remembering the past, but not living there?
  • In what ways can you declare God’s promises into your present and your future?
  • When you feel anxious, stressed, or doubtful, how can we align ourselves with the truth of who God is and will be?
  • What are the big things you are seeking God’s heart for through circle prayer?
  • How has He come through in the past and how did He surpass your expectations?