Wednesday Youth Program – 6:30 pm
Saturday Service (English) – 5:00 pm
Sunday Service (English) – 9:30 am

Jueves Servicio (en Español) – 7:00 pm
Domingos Servicio (en Español) – 12:30 pm

11376 5th Street, Rancho Cucamonga CA 91730

Thankful Hearts Dinners

For a number of years we have hosted a Thanksgiving Dinner Potluck event at CCF on the Sunday evening prior to Thanksgiving. In response to the vision and challenge of this year – being already loved and therefore ready to love – we have decided to make a change to our Thanksgiving event plans for this year. Instead of gathering together at one location, we are encouraging people to open up their homes to host 8-12 people that they don’t know well (or at all) on Sunday, November 18th.

If you are new to CCF, or looking to get to know some more people, our Thankful Hearts Dinners are a fantastic way to do that! Click HERE to register you/your family to attend.