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ReConnect Nights

**No ReConnect Service on Wednesday, June 13th**

“I will not venture to speak of anything except what Christ has accomplished through me to win obedience from the Gentiles, by word and deed, by the power of signs and wonders, by the power of the Spirit of God,” – Romans 15:18-19

The verb Wonder means both amazement and curiosity.  I love when words have two meanings.  Have you ever wondered about healing, miracles, and other demonstrations of the Holy Spirit’s power?  In other words, been both amazed and curious about the Signs?  For the next few weeks, we are not only going to discuss why it is important to be in WONDER (curious and amazed) but to demonstrate in practical ways how they can be a natural part of your walk in Christ.

Remember we pursue the one, Jesus, who is WONDERFUL and the natural response is to see the Signs of His goodness demonstrated in our lives and those around us.

A note from Pastor Fraser…
Four main thoughts have guided me towards the belief and practice of Signs and Wonders not only in the Church but also in the Marketplace.
  • As believers, we should take the “super” out of the phrase supernatural and live as Kingdom citizens where our living witness is naturally “Super” in Christ’s power.  In other words, our lives should demonstrate the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit in our natural relationship with Christ and the World. Let’s make Super Natural – Natural!
  • That before we pursue and employ the Signs we must seek after the WONDER who is Christ.  Pursuing the WONDER always seems to lead to natural expressions of His signs of the Kingdom being demonstrated.  The closer I am to Jesus the more attuned I am to what He is doing and wants to do.  And it’s usually miraculous, whether shown in love or power or both.
  • As we pursue an inner life marked by the Fruit of the Spirit our lives create an environment for not only the Signs and Wonders to be experienced, but to be nurtured afterward.  The Signs and Wonders can often be the entrance to the greater Kingdom life of peace, joy, and righteousness.
  • We learn to rejoice with those who rejoice and comfort those in need of comfort.  Even if the Signs and Wonders don’t manifest in our timing, the demonstration of Love always can.  This timing does not mean I have to change my theology based on what I see but I can add to faith love when I believe has not yet manifested.

We are excited to provide this  opportunity for you to connect with God, Others, Growth and Action during the week – through worship, communion, teaching, discussion and community on Wednesday evenings.

Childcare is available for Infants, Toddlers and PreSchool aged children in our KidZone rooms. Resources for older children to use during the service will be available at the back of the room while services for our Junior High and High School students are happening at the same time in our youth rooms.

Especially if you are not yet in a Life Group, this is a great way to take another step into community and discipleship. We hope that you will join us, whether you are able to attend Sunday mornings regularly or not.