Meals of Hope

November 30 - December 19 2019

Ojos Negros, Baja California, Mexico

You can make a difference in the lives of people this Christmas!

A team from CCF will be serving and loving the people of the village of Ojos Negros, Mexico from December 19th – 22nd. Even if you are unable to physically be part of the team, you can be part of the hope that travels with them to the people there. Hope shared through a meal.

Many of the families in the village are migrant workers and are out of work right now, which means not only no presents but sometimes even no food. While there, our team will be hosting a Christmas dinner for the village and for a gift of $10, you can cover the cost of one Christmas meal and also provide that person with a bag of rice and a bag of beans to take home. This will provide them with ongoing meals for up to one month. Hope shared through many meals.

Will you join us in delivering hope this Christmas? Perhaps you might even consider purchasing a meal in honor of someone you are planning to buy a Christmas gift for? Gift certificates are available with every online donation so that you can share the impact that is being made in their name.

Jesus loves every person in that village and one of the ways that we can connect to action and show love is by not only providing a meal, but ongoing provision for meals during this Christmas season. Hope starts with a meal. And the meal start with YOU. Will you be part of hope this Christmas?

Yes! I want to purchase a meal of hope!