Wednesday Youth Program – 6:30 pm
Saturday Service (English) – 5:00 pm
Sunday Service (English) – 9:30 am

Jueves Servicio (en Español) – 7:00 pm
Domingos Servicio (en Español) – 12:30 pm

11376 5th Street, Rancho Cucamonga CA 91730

Grades 6 – 8

ALLIANCE (previously Link’d Student Ministries)

OUR VISION for Students:
Our vision for Alliance students is for them to begin to truly grasp their identity as God’s beloved child, connected in the family of God called Church. Our services, events, small groups, and student gatherings will be aimed at bridging the gap of feeling alone and inspire students to form relationships connected through the Holy Spirit’s working in their lives. In short, our vision is for our middle school students to form an alliance with one another rooted in their relationship with the Lord and their Church family.

OUR VISION for Families:
Our vision for Alliance families is to see parents and children come together to build lasting supportive and encouraging relationships through our services and events. We long to see parents connecting in service and support the ministry, in small groups, and in prayer for their students to continue in connection with Christ, the Church, and their calling.

Alliance Student Ministry (6th-8th grade) exists to connect students and their families to God, others, growth, and action. We do this through embracing, empowering, equipping, and embarking with families in God’s love and for God’s glory.

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