Wednesday Youth Program – 6:30pm
Wednesday Service (English) – 7:00pm
Sunday Service (English) – 9:30am

Jueves Servicio (en Español) – 7 p.m.
Domingos Servicio (en Español) – 12:30 p.m.

11376 5th Street, Rancho Cucamonga CA 91730

Preparing For Your Visit

Guests: What to Expect

We know that it can sometimes be intimidating to visit a new church. We hope that this page will make you feel more comfortable preparing for your visit, by explaining what to expect when you visit Cucamonga Christian Fellowship (CCF).

What to wear

We are a very casual church, and you will probably see more people in jeans than in suits, so there is no need to worry about breaking out your Sunday best for our Service, unless that‘s what makes you feel most comfortable.

When you Arrive

We have specific parking spaces set aside for our guests. Please feel free to park in any of the parking spaces marked for “Guest Parking” and once you enter into the building, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our Lobby Hosts for directions or information.

Our Welcome Center (specifically for our Guests) and Information Desk are both great places for you to find more information about what is happening at CCF. After service concludes we would love you to stop by our Welcome Center and give us a chance to greet you personally. We have a welcome gift for you and an information packet that should answer any further questions about CCF that you may have. If this is your second visit to CCF, we have another gift for you at the Welcome Center. We believe that you came back for a reason and we would like to bless you again! Please stop by for your second gift.

Our Services

A time of “Cafe Community” is held each Sunday for the 30 minutes prior to the start of our Service. We desire to foster unity and connection through this weekly community opportunity and believe it is important to be intentional about connecting with one another through conversation and relationship, outside of our Sunday Service times.

Our Services begin with a contemporary style of musical worship, followed by biblically-based teaching that will transform, encourage and inspire. While the service structure is well defined and things are planned carefully, it is not unusual for changes to occur as the Spirit leads. We encourage you to participate as you are comfortable to. Worshiping God is a very personal experience, even in a group setting.

Mother’s Room

A room has been specially set aside for mothers of infants. The room is laid out with comfortable chairs and a large television with speakers, allowing you to be a part of the service even while you take care of your infant.

Children (Infants – Grade 5)

Our CCF Kids Ministry is for children aged 0 through to grade 5 and is staffed by a fantastic team of volunteers.

Our Nursery (aged 0 through 18 months) / Toddler Rooms (18 months through 2 years old) are for the youngest members of our church. When you check your child in at the Nursery Counter for these rooms, you will get a pager in the event that we need to contact you during the service. This paging system not only allows us to contact you during service, it  ensures  the safety of your child during Service,  as the pager will be required to check your child out of the nursery.

Our Preschool Program is for potty-trained children aged 3 through to Pre K. A pager will be issued to you when you check in; that pager will be used to make sure that your child is only picked up by yourself or someone you designate.

We have an interactive, dynamic program for our Kindergarten to 5th grade students. Upon check-in, you will receive a ticketed number which will be required when checking your child out of CCF Kids.

If you feel more comfortable supervising your children while they are in church with you, that’s fine too.

Students (Grades 6th – 12th)

We think it is important that our students learn the transition between having their own programs, and being in the sanctuary. For this reason and more, we have our students in grades 6-12 join us for our time of worship, offering and communion before moving into their own programs.  Students are dismissed to their programs after our time of corporate worship and the student blessing.

Alliance student Ministry (6th-8th grade) exists to connect students and their families to God, others, growth, and action. We do this through embracing, empowering, equipping, and embarking with families in God’s love and for God’s glory.

Crew Student Ministry (9th-12th grade) exists to connect students and their families to God, others, growth, and action. We do this through embracing, empowering, equipping, and embarking with families in God’s love and for God’s glory. 

Still looking to know more? Check out our Guest Brochure by clicking HERE