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Frequently Asked Questions

>>> Investing in Destiny – FAQ

Q. How big is the property next to us that we eventually hope to buy (the field)?
A. The “Field of Dreams” property directly behind us is approximately 2.5 acres.

Q. Who were the contractors and architect?
A. For our new home we used a Design-Assist model. This model is a variation of Design-Build model and included an open book inspection of all sub-contractor bids so as to ensure we received competitive pricing on all aspects of the construction project.

This model included a separate architect and contractor working on the project simultaneously. Both the contractor and architect were selected from multiple applications after each gave a proposal and philosophy of approach to the building team.

We selected WLC as our Architect, a firm that is led by Christian values and have worked extensively in our city and with churches. We selected Jaska Building Systems as our general contractor because of their experience within our city, in building churches and in providing a package of services that are well suited to our needs.

Q. What’s the difference between a pledge and a tithe?
A. Your commitment to Investing in Destiny should be an amount God leads you to give over and above your regular tithe and offerings. We must maintain our giving to the operating budget so that day-to-day church operations will be unaffected. You can still write one check. Simply fill in the different blanks on your envelope or designate on the memo line of your check.

Q. How are the funds for Investing in Destiny being accounted for?
A. The funds for the Destiny project are overseen by the following system:

  1. Accounted and recorded through our finance department and reviewed by our Finance Team.
  2. Both the church treasurer who sits on the church’s Servant Council and a member of the building team will review the budget (income and expenses) as a checks and balance for the Finance Team and Church Board.
  3. The funds will also be reviewed by our Free Methodist conference in Southern California on a quarterly basis.
  4. All funds designated for this project will be used toward completing the Tenant Improvement of our new facility, establishing an emergency/reserve fund as owners, reducing mortgage debt, and the purchase of the land adjacent to the new property.

Q. Were there scriptures or Bibles put inside the walls?
A. Yes. We made it a priority to take time to declare upon the floor of our sanctuary space, and within our stage. Check out more on our vimeo page.