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Wednesday Services – 6:30pm
*First Sunday of Month – 6:00pm

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ReConnect Nights

 “Leadership is a dynamic process in which a man or woman with God-given capacity and God-given responsibility influences a specific group of God’s people toward God’s purpose for that group.”  – Finishing Well: Establishing a Lasting Legacy by R. Clinton

Can anyone be a leader? If you have the ability to influence someone then yes, I believe you have the ability to lead. And if Christ is within you then the hope is that He would influence others through you. However, regardless of size (a company) or location (a home), with influence and leadership comes an important responsibility. Starting on Wednesday April 19th at Reconnect Nights we will be discovering together the importance of biblical leadership in our daily lives. We will learn that, along with leadership being developed in character and behavior, it is also an important stewardship responsibility. Come and discover how to CoMission with Jesus in learning how to lead responsibly.

We are excited to provide this  opportunity for you to connect with God, Others, Growth and Action during the week – through worship, communion, teaching, discussion and community on Wednesday evenings.

Childcare is available for Infants, Toddlers and PreSchool aged children in our KidZone rooms. Resources for older children to use during the service will be available at the back of the room.

Especially if you are not yet in a Life Group, this is a great way to take another step into community and discipleship. We hope that you will join us, whether you are able to attend Sunday mornings regularly or not.