Wednesday Service (Rancho) – 7:00pm
Sunday Service (Rancho) – 9:30am
Sunday Service (Redlands) – 11:00am

Jueves – 7 p.m. Servicio en Español (Rancho)
Domingos – 12 p.m. Servicio en Español (Rancho)

11376 5th Street, Rancho Cucamonga CA 91730
75 Tennessee Street, Redlands CA 92373

Sunday Service (Rancho)

We are a people, loved by God, on a mission to love others. Join us on Sundays (9:00am Community in Cafe, 9:30am Service) as we deepen our experience and knowing that because we are ALREADY LOVED by God, we have all that we need and are READY TO LOVE our family, our friends, our neighbors, our city, our world with God’s Love. Fulfilling His call to BE LOVE to the people around us and to draw them to HIS LOVE.

Current Sermon Series

Are you ready?
The simple phrase that has been our 2018 vision for the year, “Already loved, Ready to Love” identifies not the position of identity we find in how much we are loved but also the encouragement that from this place we must love one another.
In this series, we hope to grasp the understanding of what Love is, WHO Love is and how to be an example of that Love to the world!

70% of the people we encounter outside of these walls do not have a meaningful church relationship or solid relationship with Jesus. Your challenge for the Fall is to invite and include someone into God’s love. Every one of us has the goal to reach one person, show God’s love to one person and include one person in all that God is doing here at CCF. Just one person to be loved into becoming the BELOVED!

As we talk about the topic of love, we recognize that you may want or need to speak further with someone about your experiences. We encourage you to use this list of referrals.

*Weekly Devotional Booklet*