Wednesday Youth Program – 6:30 pm
Saturday Service (English) – 5:00 pm
Sunday Service (English) – 9:30 am

Jueves Servicio (en Español) – 7:00 pm
Domingos Servicio (en Español) – 12:30 pm

11376 5th Street, Rancho Cucamonga CA 91730

Assure Pregnancy: Bridges Parenting Program

Do you want a little taste of all the classes offered through the Bridges Program, and be paired up with a mentor who will provide you with emotional support and spiritual guidance as you transition into parenthood? If so, Assure Pregnancy’s Bridges Meeting is for you!

Each week,  moms and dads fellowship with their mentors and new friends and experience a 1-1/2 hr class that covers a wide variety of prenatal and parenting topics, and ends with diaper and surprise gift raffle.

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Monthly Schedule at CCF
Week 1  – No Tuesday Bridges Meeting
Week 2 – Tuesday Bridges Meeting
Week 3 – Tuesday Bridges Meeting
Week 4 – Tuesday Bridges Meeting